I am Learning.
I am Growing.

I am Jaipuria

Time with My Mentors

The endeavour is to make all Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Bhiwadi  successful in their own space, career and life. It is of paramount importance for students to be guided, supported and motivated through the journey.

Student counselling, parent open house, positive suggestion & industry expert advice etc. are various platforms given to all, by the school Mentors.

All educators, students are time & again, given dedicated time for discussing how to be better & better for tomorrow.

Positive approach & disciplined structure of empowering is done by Mentors. Goals are common, ways adopted may vary as ;

  • Don't make quick assumptions, let's discuss understand
  • Be gracious, in your communications actions
  • Ask doubt's progressive relevant questions.
  • Inspire motivate .

Being kind & compassionate is important, and any good leader does, need to over come all challenges coming through in life to be successful.

Inspiring & motivating strengthens all students in their growing age to take challenges and succeed. Students naturally have in built strong leadership qualities, good character and a genuine concern for others.

At Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Bhiwadi , focus is on inspiring students – developing the best qualities out of them, helping them hone in on vision for their future– opportunities to challenge them will be inevitable.