I am Learning.
I am Growing.

I am Jaipuria

About Montessori

First Steps Over The Threshold

Child Centric Approach

We offer independent timings to suit each childs speed, needs thereby ensuring the required timeline's care. Your child is in a warm, caring environment under the supervision of expereinced, professional, and trained staff.

A World of Wonder

Our highly trained Montessori teachers are determined to ensure that the first experience of learning is structured in a way which makes learning by doing a fun filled experience. Through friendly interaction between children, we work to develop in each the confidence and the curiosity that are the key elements for lifelong learning. Experential learning is at the heart of our Montessori.

The early years represents the first break from the routines at home, first anxieties of parents. At the playgroup and Montessori, we make sure your child feels secure, has access to best facilities, activities, and receives a gentle introduction to learning.

Building On Strengths

From your ward's first day at the school, we aim to create an atmosphere in which they are keen to learn and eager to progress. The purpose built Montessori playway classrooms provide a gentle introduction on how to become independent, and in the growing years new tasks bring new levels of expectation. Personal attention from committed teachers identifies the abilities of each child, and encourages them to make full use of those abilities. New technologies give new opportunities for discovery, while retaining a base in traditional learning